Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wonderful Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is one of my favourite gemstones. May be it's the delicate pink colour that appeals to me, like candy my mother used to make. It is a gemstone readily available as a massive, pink usually cloudy rough stone without any crystal form. It is a variety of translucent quartz that is found in granite pegmatite zones.

It is often tumbled polished to form pendants or for small polished chips which are then drilled to make attractive
necklaces and bracelets. Rose quartz is a robust stone which can be turned into cabochons suitable for rings and brooches. It takes a good polish and is usually cloudy pink with wispy inclusions rather than fully transparent.

Rose quartz is much used in carving of ornaments such as animals and birds. Much of this lapidary work was done in the German town of Idar-Oberstein, which is famous for its agate and quartz stone works of art. I have a rose quartz ash tray bought from there, but the original source of their material is mainly Brazil.

Sometimes you will be lucky and find a facet-grade piece of rose quartz. This is clean and devoid in wisps, but still translucent pink. The faceted rose quartz in the photo is self-cut and measures 18 x 25 mm, weighs 50.9 carats, and is of Brazilian origin.

Rose quartz is popular with people into crystal healing and meditation. It is said to produce unconditional love and infinite peace. It attracts loving vibes and you should wear it over your heart. so they say. However, I treat rose quartz as you would do your pet dog, and so it's always loving and faithful.

Rose Quartz localities in Australia? Referring to I see a few localities for the Hartz Ranges, NT and a couple in WA. The few photos provided are not good. Quality seems much inferior to the Brazilian rose quartz.