Sunday, March 4, 2012

Gemstones as an Investment

The price of gold has reached over $1800 per ounce and has now dropped back into the $1700s. Has it peaked I wonder? News of the EU economy is bleak, generally confirming the widespread "stuffed" viewpoint. The question arises how should we more safely preserve our wealth? Having a diversified portfolio is considered wise, by owning diversified stocks, bonds, fixed interest deposits, diversified real estate, cash and why not some GEMSTONES?

A few choice diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, alexandrites and tanzanites can easily take care of $100,000 or even a million when set in jewelry, and that's just for starters. Gemstones represent the most concentrated form of wealth possible and have always been in demand for transporting wealth from A to B in times of political strife and war. This may not be your problem, but the value of a gemstone portfolio should comfortably outdo the inflation of your domestic currency.

Investment in gemstones is not for the novice. You have to know where to buy them and where to sell them, when need be. They must be genuine, hence an understanding of gem testing is required by the investor/collector. Valuable items must have their Certificate of Authenticity from a recognized Gem Testing Laboratory. Prized gemstones can be set in jewelry and enjoyed by the wearer. You can't make a dress out of a stock certificate or computer printout. Men too can join in the fun by investing in up-market rings with alexandrite and chrysoberyl cats eyes, star rubies and sapphires and so on. In my next post I shall list a range of reputable Online Gem Dealers so that you can get a feel of what gem material is on the market.